Friday, 8 October 2010

NVQ Engineering
This is a vocational qualification in Engineering which is mainly covered by carrying out practical tasks within the workshop. All students have to keep a portfolio of evidence to show evidence of competence in every task.

The students will gain either a Level 1 or Level 2 qualification.

Level 1
The student has to demonstrate competence in knowledge and skills in a range of activities. Level 1 NVQ is equivalent to 4 GCSEs D-G.

Level 2
The student has to demonstrate competence in knowledge and skills in a significant range of varied work activities. Level 2 NVQ is equivalent to 4 GCSEs A-C.

Year 11 Engineer's get to go to Sweet Lamb for the day!

The Vocational Engineering class had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of motorsport thanks to the help of the drivers from local motor clubs. The group of 14 pupils from Year 11, who are currently taking NVQ Engineering, got to meet the drivers, look at their cars and also get hands on experience under the bonnet working with qualified mechanics.

The Year 11 Engineering group got to experience what it was like to be a rally navigator for the day at Sweet Lamb Motorsport Complex in Llanguirig. The pupils had the opportunity to navigate drivers from local motor clubs around the infamous “bowl” where the World Rally Championships took place in November. Before they got to go out in the cars the pupils were shown how to prepare and check over a rally car by Chris Palmer. They changed wheels, checked oil and water and looked at the safety features that make a rally car different to a normal everyday road car. They were then taught how to plot a small course using maps and co ordinates that would be used on a real road rally. The pupils then got to go out in a car around the course getting code boards and marshals to sign their clip boards. They also had obstacles, such as give ways and triangles. The pupils gained points throughout the day whilst carrying out the individual tasks to win prizes that were donated by The Basic Roamer Company, Magnet Trade and James Hatfield Motorsport Photography. The winning pupil was Nathan Edwards, closely followed in second by Sam Morris and in third place Geoff Macken.

A fantastic day was had by both the pupils, staff and drivers. A huge thank you to Chris Palmer (CP Electrics) for all his help and time that went into making the day a success. We would also like to thank Barry Jones, Arfon Griffiths, Marc Mayes, Rob Walters, Clive Williams (Hillcrest Garage), Dylan Balchin, Dafydd Hughes, George Eadon (for designing the route and timecards), The Basic Roamer Company and Magnet Trade. A big thank you also to Jon Bennett Evans for being able to use the facilities at Sweet Lamb for the day. And finally a huge thank you to James Hatfield a former pupil of Penglais Comprehensive School, who now has his own Motorsport Photography business, for taking the photographs.

Activities Week Rally Day
As part of activities week in Penglais school the Vocational Engineering class got the opportunity to have a glimpse into the world of motorsport thanks to the help of the drivers from local motor clubs. The group of 12 pupils from Year 10, who are currently taking Engineering Level 2, got to meet the drivers, look at their cars and also get hands on under the bonnet with some mechanics in the afternoon. Both their teachers, Mr Garwyn Davies and Mrs Fiona Balchin are keen rally enthusiasts and thought it would be very interesting for the pupils to see how the things they learnt in the workshop could relate to the real world and in particular something fun! Mrs Balchin navigates on road rallies and is a member of Teifi Valley Motor Club contacted her motor club and Chris Palmer from Lampeter & District Motor Club with the idea. They were more than willing to help with the “Rally Day”. The day started with a talk and presentation from Chris Palmer and George Eadon both from Lampeter & District Motor Club, who brought along with them videos and slide shows and talked to the pupils about how they can get involved with various motorsports. Chris also showed how he had built his Mk 2 Escort from only a shell! They also spoke to the group about how they can get involved with rallying by taking part in Auto Test s and were very keen to get more youngsters into local motor clubs. After the presentation Chris and George and Gary and Linda from Tsalta Motor Sport, took the group out to look at their cars. They talked to the pupils about the cars and also allowed the pupils to look under the bonnet, sit in the cars and try out the harnesses! They also had the opportunity to sit in Gary Robbin’s Toyota, (Teifi Valley Motor Club) as he kindly leant the car to the school for the day for the pupils to look at and sit in to see the harnesses, safety devices and roll cage. After a short break the pupils took part in a rally quiz prepared by Mr Davies to win a selection of prizes from framed photos to hats and t- shirts kindly donated by Dyfan from Teifi Valley Motor Club. The afternoon session consisted of car and bike maintenance and mechanics. Delfryn Owens (Moduron Delfryn Owens) who is a driver from Teifi Valley Motor Club showed the pupils how to maintain and fix a handbrake. He showed the group how to jack up a car and put it on axle stands, how to take off a wheel, clean the pads and how the whole break system works. Clive Williams from Hillcrest Garage also came to the school to work with a group of pupils on his Mitsubishi Evo showing them how to remove check and clean spark plugs and how to put them in correctly. Whilst all this was going on, Richard and Michael Owen, from Aberystwyth and District Motor Club showed a group how to maintain and service a Motor Cross bike.